designaustria – a Movement

designaustria is Austria’s premier contact point for design. Founded in 1927, designaustria is Europe’s third oldest design organization. Currently, altogether more than 1,300 members from various backgrounds are committing themselves to Austria as a design nation. The organization has accumulated comprehensive knowledge in this field, and its international network is accordingly far reaching.

designaustria as a Knowledge Centre

We, the members of designaustria, are the heart of the organization, and we represent a major part of design knowledge in Austria. Via our structure of ExpertsClusters, this knowledge is made available. designaustria raises an awareness for design through exhibitions, teaching programmes, publications, and public relations activities and points out the benefits of design for the society and economy.

designaustria as an Interest Organization

designaustria represents the country’s design scene on both national and international levels and promotes the latter’s achievements – »Design in Austria« .

designaustria emphasizes the role designers play when it comes to increasing the value of Austrian products and services and strengthening Austria as an industrial location – »We design Austria«.

Our Vision

Austria is a country where design is truly appreciated. Here, in the heart of Europe, people from Europe and all over the world who are interested in design meet to exchange their thoughts and experience.

Our Mission

Design will be the key factor for economic success in the years to come. It is necessary for Austria to be well informed about design, for as hosts to the European design community Austrians need to develop an awareness for design. That is why we commit ourselves to Austria as a design nation.

Members are …

… responsible for design, interested in design, teaching or studying design or design management: as CEOs, business executives, product and marketing managers, sales directors, brand managers, and creative directors, as teachers and students, as design lovers and promoters, as designers and design users we all play an important role in design.

designaustria is a platform that offers opportunities individuals on their own would not be able to benefit from. The commitment of each of us is decisive. The question is thus: what can we, being designaustria, do? It is therefore you who decides what will happen, through your commitment. Join this movement and take advantage of its opportunities. Join us – become a member of designaustria!