red dot award: design concept 2013 – einreichen noch bis 19. Juni 2013

Presenting the entries at the red dot award: design concept 2013.

The presentation boards are the key to delivering creative ideas to the red dot jury. Over the years, the jurors have commented on what would be effective for them when it comes to reading the ideas presented.

  • Werner Aisslinger, Germany: »It is very important to explain your ideas. Some entries show a layout of one page only where you have the option to use five pages. It is important to use the space you get to explain your concept. Furthermore, they should find the right graphic to explain the project. It is not just about the idea but the presentation of the idea. More time should be spent on the layout and the presentation.«
  • Dong Rui Feng, China: »I find more presentations lacked proper explanation of the creative process. Understanding the ideation process of the concept is very important for the jury in determining if the concept is good or not.« (…)
  • Patrick Chia: »A concept must show the way we should exist in the future. It must point towards new directions and new possibilities.«

The look, feel and design of the boards are up to one’s own creativity. It is about finding the best way of presenting the ideas to the jury.

The participation phase of the red dot award: design concept 2013 will end on 19th June 2013. The latest innovative ideas, prototypes or concepts can be submitted now.