ICON8 The Illustration Conference | Portland Art Museum, July 12 – 14

ICON8, the Illustration Conference, the national Illustration Conference, is committed to providing a forum for an ongoing dialogue that serves the illustration, design, publishing, advertising, and academic communities.

Its purpose is to provide a platform for the most influential illustrators and industry leaders to address, in a timely manner, the most pervasive issues facing the profession. Illustration Conference (ICON) is a 501 C-6 nonprofit organization of illustrators and is an entity in itself. ICON remains the only national conference specifically for illustrators and the graphic arts community providing an unprecedented forum for the creativity, inspiration and drive that captivates the profession.

Paula Scher Keynotes Opening Ceremonies at Portland Art Museum
ICON8 announces the addition of Paula Scher to the ICON8 program as presenter. Paula Scher has been at the forefront of American graphic design for more than four decades. She’s a principal in the New York office of the distinguished international design consultancy Pentagram, and the author of »Make It Bigger« (2002) and »MAPS« (2011).

The ICON8 presenters include over 50 illustrators, aritsts and creative professionals curated from the highest ranks in our industry who will take the main stage to inform, entertain and enlighten you.

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July 9-12, 
2014 Portland Art Museum Portland, Oregon