DME Award – Honourable Mentions für E. Doppler & Co GmbH (AUT)

The ability to design excellent products, services and experiences is a fundamental source of commercial success. Therefore design (competency) is an important asset to a company or organisation which needs to be strategically planned and managed.

The annual Design Management Europe (DME) Award, managed by DA-member Dr. Bernhard Rothbucher is the only award dedicated to the management of design in private or public sector organisations across Europe.

It recognises the ongoing processes, business decisions and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively-designed products, services, communications, environments and brands providing organizational success. Running since 2007, the DME Award is the primary activity of 24 DME network partners from 17 countries with the aim of promoting the strategic use of design in order to increase the competitiveness of European industry and the effectiveness of our public services. It is open to both the private and public sectors and is divided into six categories of size and type of organisation.

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