Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2014

Professionals and Young Professionals! Berlin Summer University of the Arts (SUA)  and the  International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship (ISSCE) invite you to take part in this year’s programme of the Summer University of the Arts in Berlin.

Whether you’re interested in artistic dialogue and exchange, want to explore new fields in your artistic career or need assistance in bringing your ideas to fruition the programme offers a wide range of workshops and lectures to satisfy your needs. There are many artistic disciplines to choose from:  Courses cover the fine arts, music, design, performance and range from classical master classes with famous guests to experimental workshops tackling current issues.

If you’re struggling with the central questions as a cultural entrepreneur or need help with your creative start up check out the interdisciplinary offer within the International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship, a programme sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund of the Berlin Senate Chancellery Cultural Affairs, with courses in Arts Management and Creative Entrepreneurship. Lecturers with international backgrounds will give you the perfect toolkit to bring your ideas to life or develop a business concept. You are welcome to Berlin’s creative scene to explore and develop your professional potential.

July 15 th — October 15 th 2014

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