4th yearbook of final theses on design of the FH JOANNEUM is now available

89 12 13 is by now the fourth yearbook which this time presents 89 final theses from the bachelor programme “Information Design” and the master programmes “Exhibition Design” as well as “Communication, Media and Interaction Design” of the study year 2012/13.

The theses exhibit a wide variety of contents and methodological approaches. Practical and theoretical works on print- and web design, typography, animated infographics, motion design, user interface design, interaction design, package design, exhibition design and sustainable design document the interdisciplinary and holistic approach of the study programmes. Students more and more frequently chose topics, which address current socio-political and ecological questions.

The bachelor thesis by Ricarda Schweigler entitled »Aren’t we all a little bit organic? In the maze of environmental labelling, seals of quality & certificates« was awarded a »red dot« in the category Communication Design.

The master thesis by Susanne Pretterebner »Recipes for the Future. Background information and infographics concerning nutrition and climate protection« was also awarded a »red dot: best of the best« in the category Communication Design for »her unique creativity and for her passion for unusual communication strategies«, as the jury argued in their statement. Pretterebner’s work came out on top in a competition of 6.800 entries from 43 countries.

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