World Design Day 2016: »Design in Action«

27. – 28. 04. 2016
worldwide and on Facebook and Instagram → Karte anzeigen

Every year World Design Day (WDD) is celebrated on 27 April—the anniversary
of the founding of the International Council of Design. This years' theme is Design
in Action! ico-D invites designers around the world to share examples of great
design in their city or community via Facebook and Instagram!

All design disciplines and forms of expression are welcome. Share what you see
or what you do: videos, photos, drawings, maps, …

How to participate:
1. Share your responses on the WDD Facebook group
2. On Instagram, use the hashtags: #WDD2016 #Designinaction and tag @theicod
3. Put up the official WDD2016 Poster in your school or organisation! Download here