Certified Masterclass »Creative Personal Branding« in Barcelona

The Certified Creative Personal Branding® Masterclass takes place in Barcelona on 24th and 25th of March 2017.

In times of transitions everybody is facing the same question: «What should I do next?». In the «Creative Personal Branding» Masterclass you will learn the key elements to better understand your identity and current situation, discover your opportunities to position yourself in the creative economy's breadth, and you will leave with the tools and methods to help your team, colaborators or clients on the same journey.

You will identify new opportunities in unexpected sectors beyond the creative industries. You will transform insights into your mental model using interactive sprints, hands-on activities, visualization exercises as well as lively discussions with your peers.

This Masterclass has been designed for creative professionals who want to define the next steps in their professional development or helps others to do so (team members, partners, clients etc).

It will be facilitated by Jürgen Salenbacher. He currently teaches in Barcelona (IED), Luzern (HSLU), and Stockholm (Hyper Island). He is a facilitator and coach with extensive experience in education, design and business. He is also a specialist in design, branding and the creative economy, about which he wrote his first book Creative Personal Branding (2010).

Detailed information and registration: www.cpb-lab.com/masterclass