FiberEUse Circular Co-Design Survey 
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Growing concern for the environment, together with increasing awareness of the limitation in resources, are promoting a shift from the traditional cradle-to-grave product lifecycle towards a circular economy where new business opportunities emerge from the re-use of product functions and materials, over and over again.

The EU-funded project FiberEUse is working on a novel approach to realise this ambitious and necessary goal by raising awareness of the importance of new products designed for circularity! Here, FiberEUse firstly presents new design concepts for circular products made of recycled glass fibres. These products have been developed by emerging designers from Austria. 
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This project is funded the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. H2020-730323-1.

Design partners: Holonix, designaustria and NDU New Design University St. Pölten/ Institut of Design, Manual & Material Culture.

About FiberEUse

Glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites (GFRP and CFRP) are increasingly used as structural materials in many manufacturing sectors like transport, constructions and energy due to their better lightweight and corrosion resistance compared to metals. Composite recycling is a challenging task. Although mechanical grinding and pyrolysis reached a quite high TRL, landfilling of EoL composites is still widespread since no significant added value in the reuse and remanufacturing of composites is demonstrated. FiberEUse (GA No. H2020-730323-1) aims at integrating different innovation actions through a holistic approach to enhance profitability of composite recycling and reuse in value-added products. Through new cloud-based ICT solutions for value-chain integration, scouting of new markets, analysis of legislation barriers, life cycle assessment for different reverse logistic options, FiberEUse will support industry in the transition to a circular economy model for composites. FiberEUse is a €9.8 million research project funded by the European Union since June 2017 and collaborating with 20 partners from 7 EU countries.