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ExpertsCluster Experience Design

Experience design is about deliberately and systematically staging experiences of products and/or spaces. Visual, tactile, acoustic, and olfactory elements contribute to creating a holistic product experience. A function or service can be optimally integrated in this experience. This approach can also be understood as a user-centred expansion of corporate design. For example, the sound element of an audio logo will help associate the sound of a product with its brand. Corporate scent comes into play in shop design, when a product is being unpacked, or as a subtle trigger when a product is being used. What can be said about the development of corporate touch with regard to digital surfaces, automobile interiors, or hotels?

It is goal of the EC Experience Design to familiarise the public, the business world, and designers from related fields with this discipline and explain how experience design works and how it can be used. Being part of design thinking, the experience design approach is to be established and developed as a fixed and relevant factor.

Let’s make design an experience. Obtain further information from Markus Mickl .

EC-Manager: Markus Mickl