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Vortrag, Diskussion

»Designing in times of changes«: Vortrag von Illya Pavlov an der FH Joanneum

Dienstag 1.12.2015 17:30–18:30

FH Joanneum
Alte Poststraße 152
Atelier, 4. Stock
8020 Grazfrei.

Living in Ukraine is sometimes tough, the country slipping from one crisis into the next. How can a designer survive in Ukraine? How can one make a living without an ugly portfolio? What can one do to keep on developing as an artist and a soul? Sounds like you really have to do three jobs at a time. The story is about three simultaneous jobs and the way to turn bad into good in order to survive in times of change.

Illya Pavlov, PhD, born in 1982, Kharkiv, Ukraine, is a graphic designer and design director. In 2006 he established the Grafprom studio with his partner Maria Norazian. Works of Grafprom studio were selected for International Brno Biennale, Eidos festival (Kyiv) – special jury award, »Golden Bee« Global Biennale in Moscow, Design Tomorrow (Kyiv) – print award, printed in »Projector« magazine (St. Petersburg), international design-book »One by one« (Berlin), awarded as Best in TOP100 CIS designers by KAK magazine etc.