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Vortrag, Diskussion

Online-Vortrag von Dieter Rappold: »Growth Mindset from a Designer’s Perspective«

Montag 29.3.2021 17:00–19:00

online über Zoom
Regulär: 45 Euro (zzgl. 20% USt.)

designaustria-Mitglieder & Studierende: 20 Euro (zzgl. 20% USt.)
10% Rabatt auf den Regulärpreis für CCA-Mitglieder

Startups are disrupting the way we think about entrepreneurship and economy, and since we live in the Western hemisphere in a capitalistic system, they ultimately change our perception of society. Perception creates reality, and a major aspect of the perception of startups is »growth«.

Most of the time we speak about exponential growth as the new normal in terms of expectations. Dieter Rappold talks about what this means for us personally, from an organisation’s perspective, and how this affects designers in their profession, as well as how this narrative and mindset allow for new perspectives in terms of a designer’s self-perception.

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt!

Anmeldung bis 22. März an projekte@designaustria.at