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designaustria – registered association

With its more than 1,400 members, designaustria as a registered professional association functions as the foundation of our community of solidarity and interest group. designaustria lends a voice not only to Austria’s designers but also to the discipline as such. Through public relations work, knowledge transfer, and informative events, designaustria seeks to implement design in the economy and in politics and ensure its visibility to strengthen the country’s competitiveness.


  • Thomas Feichtner
  • Martin Fössleitner
  • Michael Hofbauer
  • Christian Thomas
  • Barbara Weingartshofer


  • Vanessa Brumen
  • Doris Calisir
  • Severin Filek
  • Tamara König
  • Heidi Resch
  • Caspar Russo
  • Edwina Steuer