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ExpertsCluster Design Research

The EC Design Research is concerned with academic work on the subject of design, interdisciplinary (scholarly or scientific) research projects, and teaching. It offers design scholars, academics, and theorists a platform to present their current activities, exchange insights and ideas, and make the findings of their research known among the designership as a whole, colleagues in related disciplines, and the interested public. Discourse is meant to be stimulated in all directions. Since its foundation in 2013, an important part of the cluster’s activities has been the regular publication of contributions on topical themes and projects in the context of design research in the periodical ‘designaustria-Mitteilungen’ (texts in English are welcome).

Those interested in publishing articles on their activities within the wide field of (interdisciplinary) design research or in becoming the new EC Design Research cluster manager are invited to contact the editorial department of ‘designaustria-Mitteilungen’:

EC-Members: Martin Breuer-Bono, Stefanie Egger, Harald Gründl, Stephanie Guse, Andreas Koop, Andrea Moya-Hoke

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    Martin Breuer-Bono
  • HG
    Harald Gründl
  • Andreas Koop