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ExpertsCluster Exhibition Design

It is the goal of the EC Exhibition Design to bundle all partners active in the field of exhibition-making (institutions and individuals from such disciplines as design, museology, scenography, consulting, texting, curatorial work, exhibition architecture, etc.). Opening this EC for ‘non-designers’ is meant to facilitate an exchange of ideas, method and knowledge transfer, the use of synergies, and collaborations.

Apart from looking into the specific concerns of exhibition makers, the experts in this cluster have committed themselves to opening and stimulating designaustria’s Viennese location and augmenting the visibility of designaustria and its members – amongst themselves and for the numerous visitors to Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier. There are plans to establish this EC as an independent centre for collecting and discussing exhibition projects proposed by designaustria and its members, participate in programme planning and curatorial work, and coordinate the organisation of such shows with designaustria/desigforum.

Another goal is to intensify networking between the designforum branches in the federal states and bundle potentials. We look forward to hearing from those active and/or interested in the field of exhibition making and wishing to contribute: Cora Akdogan & Julia Landsiedl.

EC-Managerin: Cora Akdogan
EC-Members: Cora Akdogan und Julia Landsiedl

  • Cora Akdogan
  • Julia Landsiedl