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Illustration, derived from Latin ‘illustrare’, means to elucidate, shed light on, or explain something: illustrators contribute to the readability and liveliness of texts. Illustrations can illustrate concepts or tell stories – sometimes entirely without text. Although we are surrounded by illustration in our daily lives, it is barely consciously perceived by the general public. The achievements of great illustrators of the past have thus mostly remained anonymous. Unlike photography, which is now largely recognised as a form of art, illustration has essentially remained outside public awareness. In order to improve the perception and recognition of illustration within society, the EC Illustria was founded under the auspices of designaustria in 2010 – for more appreciation both ideally and economically.

Illustria seeks to raise awareness for quality, within and beyond. The group functions as a forum for information and knowledge transfer among illustrators and their clients, and it provides orientation for beginners. Moreover, Illustria builds networks with professional organisations, illustration agencies, and learning institutions throughout Europe, and it presents the artworks of its members in national and international exhibitions, at book fairs, and at comics and illustration festivals. This initiative seeks to bring to light the work of professional illustrators.

For more information or to become a member of Illustria, please e-mail to:

EC-Manager: Davor Marković
EC-Members: Brian Main, Susanne Riha, Maria Blazejovsky, Eva Rudofsky, Horst Hellmeier, Jürgen Schremser, Harald Ergott, Wolfgang Hauer

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    Maria Blazejovsky
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    Harald Ergott
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    Wolfgang Hauer
  • Brian Main
  • Davor Markovic
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    Susanne Riha
  • Eva Rudofsky
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    Jürgen Schremser
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