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ExpertsCluster Packaging Design

For us, packaging is more than just a pretty case!

We have made it our task to integrate and strengthen all subdisciplines of the packaging process chain, such as structural development, graphic design, sustainability, production, and marketing.

Every three months, the EC Packaging Design invites designers, producers, and everyone interested to take part in regular breakfast meetings to exchange ideas and discuss current projects. These get-togethers are a chance for new business partners to introduce themselves and present their services.

Our main goals are the improvement of competences through an exchange of experiences and collaboration, regular discussions about important topics and developments, and the development of innovative packaging solutions.

The core team of the EC Packaging Design consists of Ralf Christoffer, Gerlinde Gruber, Werner van Hoeydonck, Susanne Lippitsch, Martha Ploderer, and Philipp Prause. As designers, we work in diverse fields, including structural packaging design, graphic design, UX design, ornamental art, and brand strategy & communications. Everyone interested in contributing actively and bundling competencies is welcome to contact EC Manager Gerlinde Gruber:

  • Ralf Christoffer
  • GG
    Gerlinde Gruber
  • SL
    Susanne Lippitsch
  • MP
    Martha Ploder
  • Philipp Prause
  • Werner Van Hoeydonck