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ExpertsCluster Sustainable Design

The EC Sustainable Design seeks to bring together all initiatives, stakeholders, resources, and extant know-how on the subject of sustainable design* in Austria. ‘Learning by sharing’ for a primary goal: responsible action for the sake of ecological and social sustainability. The EC Sustainable Design was initiated by the Institute of Design Research Vienna (IDRV).

The EC Sustainable Design has the following objectives:

develop the theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable design in Austria (cluster initiator IDRV conducts research into scientific methods and tools for designers, among other things)

defining relevant pilot or reference projects

providing a platform for the EC Sustainable Design to present itself and with the help of which it will be possible to raise public awareness

* The concept of ‘sustainable design’ adds the aspects of ecological, social, and ethic sustainability to the conventional notion of eco design.

EC Manager: Clemens Dus

  • Clemens Dus