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ExpertsCluster Typography

Seeing itself as the professional representation of designers and as a platform for interested laypersons loving typography, the EC Typography presents itself as forum facilitating a specialised exchange on the topic of type and type design in Austria.

It is the goal of the EC Typography to provide support in such matters as choice and application of typefaces and handling all kinds of typography-related issues (licences, contacts to type designers, etc.), as well as the advancement of typography in terms of design and technology and the networking of typographers on national and international levels. The EC Typography helps organise the exchange between graphic designers, typographers, product designers, cultural institutions, training institutions, and libraries. It can count on the support and expertise of Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), Typografische Gesellschaft München (tgm), Forum Typografie Deutschland, the international community lesbar, and, last but not least, typographische gesellschaft austria (tga).

  • Martin Tiefenthaler