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ExpertsCluster init_id – Initiative Industrial Design

The goals of init_id can be identified as follows:
Distinguish industrial design by providing a clear definition of the term
Distinctly communicate industrial design’s economic factor in Austria
Improve visibility for professional industrial design in the media

In addition, the init_id evaluates industrial design competitions, seeking to make clear recommendations for designaustria members in terms of participation and conditions. Those wishing to contribute to this cluster are invited to contact EC Manager Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky or Oskar Hanstein.

EC-Manager: Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky and Oskar Hanstein
EC-Members: Rainer Atzlinger, Günther Grall, Alexander Hartenau, Oskar Hanstein, Alexander Peschke, Michael Thurow und Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky

  • JA
    Jürgen Aichinger
  • Rainer Atzlinger
  • Günther Grall
  • OH
    Oskar Hanstein
  • Michael Hofbauer
  • RL
    Robert La Roche
  • AP
    Alexander Peschke
  • Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky
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