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ExpertsCluster Tertiary Education

The EC Tertiary Education was initiated in 2018 within the framework of the 2nd Networking Meeting of Austrian Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. It contributes to the visibility, network, and promotion of the versatile programmes offered on the level of tertiary education in Austria.

Founding members: Daniel Fabry (FH Joanneum), Günther Grall (FH Salzburg), Thomas Grundnigg (FH Salzburg), Florian Halm (Donau-Universität Krems), Markus Hanzer (FH Vorarlberg), Stefan Moritsch (New Design University), Karl Stocker (FH Joanneum), Rosa von Suess (FH St. Pölten); Markus Wintersberger (FH St. Pölten), Mario Zeppetzauer (Kunstuniversität Linz)

For questions please contact EC Manager Thomas Grundnigg

  • Sigrid Bürstmayr
  • DF
    Daniel Fabry
  • GG
    Günther Grall
  • Thomas Grundnigg
  • Florian Halm
  • Markus Hanzer
  • HM
    Hans Stefan Moritsch
  • Rosa von Suess
  • MZ
    Mario Zeppetzauer