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ExpertsCluster Service Design

We live in a service-based society. After a thousand years of agriculture and 200 years of industrial production, the focus is now on human needs and on the optimal development of personal services. Today, services or, to be more precise, the processes involved, viewed from the user’s perspective, have become a new type of product! What counts is the experience. Aesthetic qualities are certainly an important aspect, but cannot camouflage inadequate usability or user-friendliness.

It is the goal of the EC Service Design to raise public awareness for this ‘new’ design discipline and render it comprehensible and useful. Let us jointly develop this new field, which brings together classic design disciplines and optimises their benefits.

Those interested are invited to contact EC manager: Rudolf Greger

EC-Manager: Rudolf Greger
EC-Members: Rudolf Greger | Katharina Ehrenmüller | Nicole Neuberger | Philipp Prause | Josef Winkler

  • Rudolf T. A. Greger
  • Philipp Prause

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