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Every two years, designaustria, in collaboration with an Austrian publishing house, the Institute of Literature for Young People, and the Federal Ministry for Culture as its partners, organises the Romulus Candea Prize—an illustration award for a fully illustrated, unpublished children’s book. The prize is worth 2,500 euros, and in addition the book is awarded a publishing contract. Selected projects will also be assessed by a jury of children.

Eligible for participation are illustrators who have lived in Austria for at least five years. Assessment criteria for the book project include its innovative potential, artistic ambition, autonomy, and uniqueness. Realisability and feasible production will also play a role.

The competition is named after designaustria honorary member Romulus Candea (1922–2015), the inventor of the famous ‘Stanisläuse’ and illustrator of more than forty books for children and young people.

Romulus Candea award winners (2003–2019)

Romulus Candea Preis 2021
Extended submission deadline: 21. Juni 2021
Project management: Sibel Sermet

Entrance fee
per submission (exkl. 20% USt.)
regulär: 35 Euro
ermäßigt: 20 Euro
(designaustria-members, students)

Submission address
designaustria im designforum Wien 
MQ, Museumsplatz 1 
1070 Vienna
Code: »Romulus-Candea-Preis«

→ Romulus Candea Prize 2021

»Z wie bunt« von Lisa Maria Wagner
»Letzte Nacht« von Franz Suess
»Anders, und nicht so!« von Richard Klippfeld & Judith Hurra
»Der Brillenbaum« von Karoline Neubauer
»Siebensemmelhunger« von Sigrid Eyb-Green
»Die Phantasie-Frisur« von Michael Roher
»Ein Waldwicht fliegt in den Oman« von Dorothee Schwab
»Krokodil« von Alice Wellinger
»Rosalinda. Das kleine Regenwurmmädchen« von Christina Gschwantner
»Wir sind keine Mäuse« von Thomas Hamann